CHILDREN’S HOME and SCHOOL Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania. E. Africa We are a small team of Christians working together to help the most vulnerable children and people in a rural area of Tanzania. East Africa. We are involved in providing financial support and volunteers to visit both long and short term to share in the work both here and in Tanzania. As of February 2015 caring for a total of 127 children Contact: Graham Pountain email:,  Tel 01254 879694
May to August 2015 - UPDATE
Photos from the July Trip 2015: Work-Chores (44pics),  Study (22pics),  Classes with teachers (9pics), Portrait pics of all children (119pics),  Teachers (11pics),  Groups  (13pics), Individuals  (46pics),  Wildlife (13pics),  Reunion feast (78pics), Reunion Quiz (24pics),  Reunion Sports (49pics) 20,000+ Photos in 567 Albums from May 2007 to Present 128 Youtube videos from August 2007 to present
Nearly all our children as at March 2013
Greetings from Bethany,  This is our temporary web page due to the fact the old computer failed and at the moment I am unable to update the old pages. However, the old Bethany main index page is here
The Bethany Project (often referred to as the Bethany Family) is registered in Tanzania as an NGO no. 8059. It is administered by the The Bethany Project (Tanzania) UK (Reg. Charity no 517995),   Reg. Address: 2 Aspen Fold, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire. BB5 4PH.  Tel 01254 879694.  email: Trustees: Graham Pountain, David Borland, Heather Jeffrey, Isabel Jones, Paul Pountain
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Classrooms 1 and 2 on the left, Staffroom and Head teachers office in the centre and Classrooms 3 and 4 on the right On the 3rd of July 2015 our school became registered !
Everyone at Bethany is celebrating the registering of our school.  No more threats of jail if we continued educating our children on site.  No more beating of our children at the government village primary school.  The children will now receive 6 lessons every day and real progress will be made.  Our school is an English medium school where all the subjects are taught in English which means they have a good grounding ready for secondary school where all learning is done in English. We have great plans for our school and as well as educating our children (mainly orphans) we are hoping to help the local village children with extra after school lessons in English and Maths. Our school staff consists of 6 young women teachers trained in England ( 3 degree holders and 3 diploma holders). Mr. Musulya our part time retired teacher and Helen a trainee teacher plus Bahati one of our older boys (also training to be a teaching assistant).
Sheila with 10 of the 14 girls she has looked after whilst studying in the UK
Sheila wanted a picture of her extended family but we couldn’t get them all together as Rehema Kassim, Eva Sitta, Minza Onesmo and China Paulo didn’t make it to the reunion weekend this year.
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Reunion Weekend: This is when we invite all ex-Bethany children to return home to see how their home is progressing and to share their news and advise their younger brothers and sisters about life outside Bethany. This year we introduced a 10,000Tsh charge (£3) to go towards the food and accommodation. As always the highlight of the meal was the bottle of Soda (costing 16p bottle) as we only provide these at Easter, Christmas and the Reunion weekend.  Emmakulatha together with the teachers organised all the activities and Daniel gave a talk about the repayment of loans etc. You can see the pics of the various activities below. Reunion feast (78pics),  Reunion Quiz (24pics),  Reunion Sports (49pics)
News from the July trip: Whilst on this trip Graham took a photo of every child (except one) and Sheila measured their heights and weights.  Sheila also asked them to write a letter to their sponsors which they did.  Hopefully those of our supporters who are sponsors will receive a letter and photograph very soon. Portrait pics of all children (119pics) New building work:  A new accommodation block is being built which will house 12 teachers (pictured above) ready for next July when Fatuma, Elizabeth, Stella and Nkamba finish their training.  We also hope to build the bases for the next 4 classrooms. Next trip:  On the 5th August Gill, Joan and Marjorie visit Bethany for two weeks helping with the teaching etc.
Inter-Church Quiz Night + potato pie supper   Saturday 12th September 2015 at 7pm   Ernest Street Baptist Church,  (Walmsley Close, Church, Accrington BB5 4HL)
Lets get together teams from all the supporting churches to have a good fun night and to raise money for Bethany. Whilst we are suggesting a minimum donation of £5 per person (payable on the night) - we would fervently hope that many of you would give more - the entertainment value and the supper being worth at least twice as much as that! We would suggest that you try to field a team (or teams) of 8 people - though we would accept lower numbers if you are struggling. There will be a trophy for the winning team to take back to their church and retain for one year - but they must come back to defend it in what we are sure will become an annual event. So - what to do now: 1 Put notices in your church magazines and notice sheets 2 Put up a list for volunteers to sign up to be part of your team(s) 3 Contact me by 'phone, letter or email to register your team(s) 4 Brush upon your general knowledge! My contact details are - Derek Hartley, 60, Pleckgate Rd, Blackburn, BB1 8NZ  Tel 01254-676545 email -   (note the double 'h')