CHILDREN’S HOME and SCHOOL Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania, E. Africa We are a small team of Christians working together to help the most vulnerable children and people in a rural area of Tanzania. East Africa. We are involved in providing financial support and volunteers to visit both long and short term to share in the work both here and in Tanzania. As of May 2018 caring for more than 251 children at our Children’s home, our school and via fostering. Contact: Graham Pountain email:  Tel 01254 879694
Sept - Oct  2019 - UPDATE
Greetings from Bethany,  This is our temporary web page due to the fact the old computer failed and at the moment I am unable to update the old pages. However, the old outdated Bethany main index page is here
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find us on facebook
As an Atheist by Mathew Parris Full article click here
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Above: Worship song led by Leah Charles  The song title is UTUTANGULIE BWANA. Which means asking God to guide us on our way as we long to reach to heaven. Also, we ask God to be with us in various issues  such as studies and life in general.
An Aerial View of Bethany
Study tour - Choir trip:  Plans are in progress to bring another group of children over to meet our supporters.  We have yet complete the paperwork but as soon as we have dates we will contact all those people who have met the children on our previous trips to enquire about another possible visit. Little girls dorm: One of the rooms has been converted into a new shower room and this is now being tiled. Raising the roof;  Our 3 wing 60 bed little girls dorm is having a bit of a refurbishment, the ceiling has been raised in one of the wings which is a great improvement allowing fresh air to flow. We now intend to do the same with the other two wings Crops: It is now the dry season so no crops have been planted. UV - Filter:  This had been giving problems and was taken apart and found to be full of bugs and spiders webs etc.  After a good clean and a new tube fitted it now works perfectly. Vibandas (summer houses): We have two of these that had fallen into disrepair and so we have rebuilt them using steel supports (the wooden ones had been eaten by insects). Together with new roof they will soon be completed and are used by both children, staff and visitors. Primary school children: All are doing well with their studies and should do well in their std 2 and std 7 exams.  We expect them all in std 7 to pass to go to the local secondary school. Secondary school children: Students in form 1 and form 2 are doing exceptionally well compared to those who went before them.  This we believe is due to them having attended the Bethany Primary school.  Most of them have chosen to take Science subjects and are receiving really high marks in their exams.  They also receive extra education in the evenings and at weekends from some of our Primary School teachers. High School Children (6th form): Sadly we have to report that although 3 of our girls passed to go to High school and we agreed to support them their results are very disappointing.  Two of our form 4 leavers Mariam and Anna chose to got to Teacher Training College instead of High school (2 year certificate course) and they are doing well.  We are therefore questioning the value of a High School certificate ( with low marks) which does not lead to a job. Further Education post high school: Unfortunately jobs are scarce in Tanzania and Ntare, Emmanuel, Daudi and others have left Bethany but are still looking for jobs. Bethany Book: Our first order of 250 books have sold our and Joan McIvor our author is now in the possession  of the next batch.  They cost £5 each and are available from team members. Tea Towels: We still have a few left at a cost of £4 and available at our monthly meetings or from any UK team member. Summer Ball - Saturday 22nd June  was a great success and raised over £3,000. Whalley Weekend: Another great success raising over £2,300 Secondary School: No further progress - waiting for funds Court cases:  Eliada (ex Bethany administrator) along with two co- conspirators received 2 years jail sentences for their part in the kidnap case.  Daniel Bujiku (ex Bethany manager) has now been convicted of rape and starts a 30 year jail sentence.
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An Assembly in our new Chapel
Above: Our prospective choir with names
Photos taken during the July 2019 trip (Click on the link to load the Album) Chores  - Individuals  - Groups Food  Play  Kibandas UV-repair  Misc
Above: reconstructed kibandas
Above: Rice and beans
New Video - Update  - see below
Above: Happy children
Above: Tiling of new shower unit - girls dorm
Above: UV filter repaired with new tube
Above: Food preparation
Above: Stirring the porridge
Above: Water Melon
Above Left to right:  Emmakulatha, Mwita Sophia Duttu and Jesca
Above: Little boys dorm
Above: Mopping up
JUNE 2019 Update
Above: New outfits for the choir