Neema Paulo’s Story Neema Paulo is 10yrs old and in STD 1.   She has two sisters Royce and Yulitha, they both live at Bethany. Neema joined Bethany in 2018 .  Before coming to Bethany Neema lived with her Mother in Nyashimo village. Neema’s father died when Neema was still young, and so her mother had to look after her and other siblings. Life was very difficult and the only way Neema and her family could get food was to beg on the streets. Neema says, “sometimes people were kind enough to give us their leftover food or money, but this is only on lucky days, sometimes people didn’t give us anything so we will just go for days without food” because of the hardship of life and lack of basic needs, their mother brought Neema and her two sisters to Bethany. Neema is now very happy at Bethany, she says “ I really thank God for Bethany, because if it wasn’t for Bethany I would still be on the street begging for food and money”. At Bethany we all are brothers and sisters we love each other and care for one another, I really love being part of the Bethany family, I have learnt a lot especially about Christianity. Living at Bethany has helped me know more about Jesus. I enjoy worshiping and praising God during our morning and evening services. I want to thank all our supporters and volunteers who help us at Bethany. I want to be a teacher or a nurse when I finish school. Thank you and God bless you all.