This year, because of the financial crisis we haven't been able to admit many children at the Bethany home. However, in February this year, we took in a young girl aged 12 yrs old named Monica Kinilo who has two siblings at Bethany, Simon Kinilo and Zawadi Kinilo who are 8 and 6 years old respectively.  Monica is one of five children who has an older brother and a baby sister of 2years still living with their grandmother. Monica's father died about two years ago and her mother died last year due to cancer.  Forever Angels, a baby home in Mwanza had been helping Monica's mother through their community outreach programme called 'Maisha Matters' and this is how Bethany got to know about Monica’s family.  The baby home is still helping Monica's family especially with the younger child until she is also of age to be adopted or failing that to join Bethany. Monica was the sole carer for her younger brother and sister whilst her older brother and grandmother went to look for food.  Monica has never been to school before coming to Bethany.  Once Monica was accepted at Bethany she was registered at our local primary school in our village where she is mainly learning how to read and write and getting extra help from her fellow children from Bethany.  Her English has really improved since February and she seems very happy to be learning and our hope is that, once she masters reading and writing, she will be registered properly into the education system and one day Monica will hopefully be able to have the chance to learn a vocational skill which will help her build a future for herself and her family. Bethany continues to give priority to girls (in the ration of 2 to 1) because they are more vulnerable.  Currently at Bethany, we thank God that all our children are able to speak English (at some level) and this is also an  encouragement  to the outside community and local schools.