Hello David, Thank you  for your email.  I hope this email finds you in good health and that you are keeping yourself safe from this virus.  Back here things are quite complicated but I thank God we are managing ok. School: Currently, we are only three staff who come into school ( Mr Alfred, Neema and I) the rest are working from home. Neema and Mr Alfred aren't allowed to go into the orphanage side. They only do their work at school and leave. We have put some very strict rules for people who come into the school, eg washing hands with soap before entering the office.  I don't accept visitors unless they are officials, and parents have to ring before coming into school, this is if their issues can't be dealt on the phone, eg borrowing books etc. Homeschooling:  As you already know the Bethany children are being taught at home by some of our older boys and girls.  Mariam and Anna Samson are also helping with the teaching. This is working well but it needs more structuring especially for our KS2 pupils. Village children:  We have a program of weekly homework, parents come into school to correct their child's homework every friday. This is strictly monitored. They are not allowed to enter into classrooms or offices. Each parent has a time slot, however this hasn't worked as well as I thought it would be. Therefore this week I am going to introduce a new system 'homework correction point' where parents will  straight go there and pick their child's  work and leave the school site immediately afterwards, ofcourse this is after they have thoroughly washed their hands with soap. Adding on, class teachers also do phone village parents every Monday and Wednesday to check if their children are doing their homework. This is what is currently happening but if this goes on for sometime then I guess we will have to adopt a different approach.  Everyone is still adapting to this new way of life which is honestly frustrating! Thank you for all you do. Every blessing, Emmakulatha