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Below are the links to the Tanzanian Government’s web site for their ‘O’ level (GCSE) results.

Each child is named. Females first marked with ‘F’. Males with an ‘M’.
They are given what is known as Divisions. Divisions one and two qualify to progress to high school (form 5 & 6).
Only division 3 with the correct combinations of subjects will be offered a place at High school (forms 5 & 6).
Division 4 is effectively a fail.
Each subject is given a mark from A to F

2007 Results Link:
This was the year that Bethany girl Emmakulatha graduated. Emma was the only student to get an ‘A’ grade. No other students attained an ‘A’ grade in any subject.  This subject was of course in English!.  Emma had the correct combination of subjects to qualify to go on to High school but chose to come to the UK instead.  Emma now has passes in GCSE subjects Maths, Science, English and R.E.. also a Diploma equal to 3 Advanced level subjects and is in her 2nd year studying for a Lancaster degree in ‘Education’.

2008 Results Link:
No names given just numbers

2009 Results Link:

2010 Results Link:

Link for all secondary school results in Tanzania for 2010: