Child Protection policy

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Under constant review - last updated December 2007

Child protection policy for the Bethany Project Children’s Home  Tanzania.

The Bethany family exists to care for the most vulnerable members of  Tanzanian society especially orphaned children and as such endeavors to provide a safe environment for the children in it’s care. The following guidelines are therefore  necessary in order to protect the children from being at risk of abuse.

  • All children should be treated equally according to their needs and provided with a basic level of care to include clothing, food, accommodation and where possible and appropriate education.
  • All children’s workers in Tanzania should be aware of the discipline policy at Bethany which does not include beating as a punishment.
  • Workers should not encourage or permit children of any age into their own personal living space on site/offsite at any time unless as an organised outing..
  • Children’s personal space and privacy must be respected, individual children should not be left alone with a carer out of view of other members of the family.
  • Where children are seeking specific advice counseling should be undertaken according to gender. Eg. Lady speaking with a girl. This should take place within view of the rest of the family eg.Under the shelter.
  • Where a carer has a serious issue to discuss with a child at least two adults should be present and notes made of the content of the meeting.
  • If an allegation is made against another child or adult then the procedure for reporting allegations should be followed.
  • Visiting people to site should not be allowed in the children’s dormitories unless accompanied by a Tanzanian Team member and should abide by the guidelines outlined above as well as the other policies in force on site.
  • Video and photographs should not be taken of the children without prior permission.
  • Procedure for dealing with allegations.
  • If an allegation is made against another child or adult this information should be passed to the named Bethany Tanzanian child protection officer.
  • The Bethany Tanzanian child protection officer will speak independently with both the child and adult involved (ensuring leading questions are not asked) and will inform the named Bethany UK child protection officer of the situation.
  • A course of action will then be agreed. If necessary the matter will be referred to the trustees.
  • If either of the child protection officers are involved in the allegation then the matter should be referred to their deputies.

       Teams from the UK visiting Bethany Tanz.

         All members of the UK team should hold a current CRB check .

  • No visitor from the UK should be on their own with a child at anytime.
  • Members of working parties from the UK should not be working with /leading groups of children unless under the supervision of a childcare worker.
  • Visitors given a specific role with the children should have a current CRB check a copy of which should have been given to the Bethany UK child protection officer.
  • Groups including persons under 18 should refer to the child protection policy of their own establishment.