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As of February 2011 Bethany was caring for 120+ children ranging in age from 2yrs to 18yrs 
We accept children of all ages but only if they have no relative or other adult or institution prepared to care for them (the only qualification for acceptance).

Bethany has a strong Christian ethos and our children are taught Christian ethics with a strong emphasis on the need for honesty and integrity in all things. Our hope is that all our children become Christians and live an exemplary life style whilst at Bethany that continues when they leave.

We hope (where able) to educate our children to their full potential and when they leave we hope that some become leaders and teachers etc. in all spheres of Tanzanian life.  Our children who have very little materially are nevertheless very happy and contented children - indeed they feel privileged to be adopted into the Bethany family.

The behaviour expected (in the western world) of traumatised children is not observed in our children who have responded positively to the love, care and commitment all our volunteers and workers have for them. Our children are aware that “ whom much has been given, much will be expected." (Luke 12:48).

Bethany’s task is to prepare and equip the children for the day they leave and live independent lives.  Our motto is ‘ hard work and good behaviour’

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