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We are always happy to come and talk about the work of Bethany, how it started, the progress so far and our hopes and aspirations for the future. We have available short sections of video or Power-point presentations as well as samples of (traditional) clothing worn at Bethany and other artifacts.

We are happy to tell the inside story about the two trips to the UK our children made, 31 children in March to May 2004 and Sept to Nov 2006, the problems both foreseen and unforeseen. The effect they had on people wherever they went and the response the children made to all the things in England that had only previously heard about but now experienced with their own eyes for the first time.

Presentations can be from 10 mins (ideal for school assemblies) to 40 minute presentations for evening meetings to 1 hour long presentations for more in depth talks. We welcome question and answer sessions and we are aware that many organisations are supporting similar works through other charities in Africa. We would hope to encourage support for all these organisations as well as our own.

No charge is made for these presentations/talks as all our volunteers are unpaid and cover their own expenses.
We have several people available including:
Graham Pountain :
email or phone 01254 879694
Eddie or Heather Jeffery: 
email or phone 01282  611992
Graham or Elaine Earnshaw: 
email or phone 01254 728971

We look forward to hearing from you.

DIY Presentations:

Perhaps you have visited Bethany in the past and have been asked to do a presentation for a group or organisation. You may find this short 23 slide powerpoint presentation useful (updated Feb 2009). Download it here

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