Bethany’s Vision for the future
(as envisaged December 2011)

Having worked in Tanzania for nearly 20 years we believe that progress and the alleviation of poverty and injustice depends on the future generations of Tanzanians.
Whilst education is often proclaimed to be ‘The Key’, on its own it may not be enough. The whole fabric of society needs to change whereby ‘Honesty are Integrity’, are given the highest priority.  As it is observed at the moment very little effort is made in instilling these values as very few of the population consider them to be valuable.  There are too few ‘role models’ for the children to observe including many of the teachers, government officers and politicians (the same could be said of the UK).
We believe a starting point would be to train teachers who have integrity in both their private and professional lives, are hardworking and will pass on these values to their students.

OUR AIM is therefore 3 fold

1) To continue to care for orphaned, abandoned and abused children.

2) To provide these children with a Primary and Secondary education which will include an emphasis on the value of honesty and integrity in all things.

3) To provide a Teacher Training College providing courses at various levels for both our children and others again with an emphasis on sound Christian principles to live by and to set an example to the students they will teach.

Stages to fulfill our aims:

1) Improve and increase our present accommodation by the building a 6 new smaller dormitories and demolition of our old boy’s dorm.

2) To build purpose built classrooms for both Primary and Secondary school age children.

3) To build a small Teacher Training College for those of our children who want to become teachers and also living accommodation for those from outside.

Time scale and cost:

New dormitories: We have already started to build the first of six smaller dormitories at a cost of approx 25,000 fully fitted out (max of 28 beds plus 3 toilets 3 showers and 4 washbasins) but feel we need to start building the first block of 4 classrooms very soon as we are presently using various buildings as classrooms which are not ideal.
Classrooms: We estimate a block of  two will cost approx 30,000 and a block of four 50,000

Teacher Training College: This will include classrooms and accommodation. To complete a small start up College probably 100,000 but this can be done in stages

Staffing and advantages: We are fortunate that we already have 3 of our girls studying ‘Education’ at degree level and possibly followed by a PGCE after that.  We also have other girls to follow on with further education and it may well be that we could staff our Teacher Training College with some of our girls educated in England.  Some of our trainee teachers could use the Bethany Primary and Secondary School for their teaching practice as well as both the Primary and Secondary Schools in our village and beyond.



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