Bethany’s Wish List
Updated October 2010

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Supporters have asked us to draw up a list of items we are most in need of so that they can see what their money could purchase. This will of course change as time goes on. I have tried to include items we are always in need of like shoes, socks, school skirts, blouses, shorts, Flip flops (sandals)

Exchange rates used.
very approx. rates Oct 2010
2,300 Tsh = 1 (pound Sterling)

For the  Boy’s Dorm

Bunk beds
These cost 160,000Tsh
They are built in Magu using local labour and timber. They are very very substantial and heavy - ideal for children. 

Bunk Bed -150pix

The items below are all made from MDF which is becoming increasingly expensive. It is hard wearing, ideal for making boxes, tables and benches as it does not shrink, twist or warp. However it is relatively expensive but we think worth it in the long run

Bedside cabinets 90,000Tsh (40)
Two children share each cabinet (one shelf each).



cabinet -150pixs

Storage box 70,000 Tsh (30) These are built on castors and slide under the bed. We aim for one per child.


under-bed box-150pix

Homework table 70,000Tsh (35).
These fit down the middle of the dorms and will fit 2-3 children either side.


homework table- 150pix

Benches 25,000Tsh (12.50)
These go with the homework tables (two per table)


bench -150pix

On-going needs - Clothes

As you can image with over 120 children it is difficult to keep up with all their various needs but here are a few of the clothes we are always having to buy. Mostly we buy secondhand clothes including uniforms as they are readily available and much much cheaper than new

School shoes  20,000 Tsh

School trousers - 10,000 Tsh (4.34)

Flip flop -sandals -
1,500 Tsh (65p)

Roll of skirt material for repairs 5,000 Tsh (2.18p)

Socks - 700 Tsh (30p)

School shorts - 1,500 Tsh
( 65p  )

School Skirts - 1,500Tsh


New Vehicle

We have a very old worn out Land Rover (15yrs old) which has served us well and is now expensive to keep repairing. We also have a Toyota Land Cruiser which is our only reliable means of transport. We use this for everything, shopping, taking children to the hospital etc etc.

We would very much like to purchase a new Toyota diesel pick up truck which would help with our building work and shopping etc etc. We have a quote from Diamond Motors for a Chassis cab  (about 24,000 pounds).