Email from Jesca May 2020 I hope you are all doing well and coping with this Coronavirus pandemic.  As promised, I thought I would give you a short update of what's happening over here with some pictures as well. To be honest, apart from the day to day activities, nothing much is happening because of the virus so a lot of things are on hold. Coronavirus The situation with the virus is still bad here and we now have many confirmed cases and people are still dying but we keep praying and taking necessary precautions to avoid this virus. We've been advised at the hospital, especially in Bugando to only send a careworker to collect medication for the children especially those with sickle cell and HIV who need to go for clinic etc. Also with the shopping, we are still carrying out with precautions and limiting our travels to Mwanza so we are mainly going to Magu because the virus hasn't reached this far yet. So far so good and we thank God that he is looking after us. Maintenance  In terms of maintenance, the site workers and some of the older boys in particular have been working on the access road to try and make more accessible and safe for vehicles. They have been putting moram and it looks much better than before as you will see on some of the pictures I have attached. Also Mwita and I talked about the situation of clean and safe drinking water. The UV system that Graham brought and was installed in the dining hall still works but the challenge is the bulbs don't last long from what Mwita tells me. So he found a small machine in Mwanza sold at about 100,000 Tsh/= which is connected to the tap and purified water giving out clean and safe drinking water. This small machine doesn't use electricity at all. A lot of people use it in Mwanza so we thought we'll have ago and see how it works. So we have installed one in the dining hall and another in the visitors house. I have included a picture of it as well. The grass trimmer that we've bought is working very well and indeed has proven very helpful so I was thinking to get another one so we have two to be used at school and one at home site. I attach some pics as well. I'll also send some videos to Graham on your WhatsApp account. Homeschooling So far this programme is going well and every day it's a matter of reminding the kids to keep on working hard and not to think that they are on holiday. the teachers and the other young people who are helping with the programme are quite dedicated and it's great to see. Stella is still with us and responsible for one of the classes which is encouraging to see. Latest court case As you all know the Land Rover case is now over and Kulwa and I couldn't be more happier with the outcome and we thank you all for every support and encouragement through it. Now all this is over, I understand  there's a great need to review our policies especially in regards to health and safety and also go through some disciplinary procedures. I know Graham and David have the Tanzanian directors working on this and I hope we'll soon have policies in place and review some of our previous policies. I had a meeting this morning with all the workers and reminded them about various aspects of safety and just pressed on the fact that we all need to be responsible in looking after our resources provided for the best interest of the children. I know because of the mistake I made, I have put Bethany into a lot of trouble both in terms of financial support and other aspects, but with all this, I hope we can move forward more wiser in different matters. Children and staff I thank God all the children, including Misoji who had the operation are doing well and continuing with their studies here at home as usual. In terms of behaviour, I haven't really had major issues with the kids and they are very responsive when told to do things by the careworkers so I am really grateful for this. The staff are also working hard and making sure that they are taking precautions of this virus. Accounts It's difficult that David hasn't been here to check the accounts but Happiness and I are working very hard to keep on top if things and to have all the records for when David will eventually come. I think this is all for now. I'll email again when I have anything new or if I remember that which might have slipped my mind. Kind regards Jesca