John Waith visited Bethany November 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic Here is his first short report: Had a great visit after all the worry of whether or not I would get there, concerns about carrying anything unwittingly, catching anything in transit and infecting the kids, catching anything in transit and infecting my family plus 8 flight changes. After all that everything went smoothly. I say everything except having the lock cut off my backpack and my kit rifled through. I usually only come home with my maths manual and notes plus my clothes in a backpack, everything else stays with the kids. This time hand luggage is restricted so I had one backpack with my manual etc and a change of clothes - in case! and one with the rest of my clothes and shoes, toiletries, first aid pack etc. in hold.  When you’re brown and carrying a backpack through an airport you expect to get searched but a 7 kilo backpack in hold is hardly a drugs  mastermind - still such is life. Jesca was on great form and with her at the helm I can’t see where other similar institutions anywhere in the world can claim to be even as good as Bethany and I’m sure none can claim to be better. She continues to take in all- comers, even when others refuse, and integrates them into the family. The kids are just fantastic and it’s a privilege for me to be there and share it.  They are sharp kids, they can feel the love, the care and affection that visitors have for them and they respond to it. I can’t go for a walk on my own without a posse of bodyguards, though that could prove useful. For the first time in six visits I saw a baby crocodile!! I’m supposed to be smart but I never thought there might be crocodiles in the area. If I come across a big one that’s when the bodyguards could be useful, I’ll feed one of them to the croc and leg it. Can’t wait to get back. John