Kulwa and Dotto Bwire (unedited) Kulwa and Dotto are twins. In Tanzania Kulwa and Dotto are names used for twins. Kulwa and Dotto are 8yrs old and both in class two. They have a sister called Mariam, who also lives at Bethany.  Before joining the Bethany family, they lived with their aunty in Bunda after the death of their parents. Their aunty did a good job of looking after them, however one day their aunty went to the funeral service; she fainted during the service and died suddenly. From there the boys and their sister did not have anyone to look after them and so they became street children. One day a pastor who knew about Bethany met the boys and their sister Mariam, he contacted the social welfare officer in Bunda and made arrangements for the siblings to join the Bethany Family. Now the twins are very happy at Bethany. They enjoy going to school and have a bright future ahead of them. Both are Christians and are learning a lot about Jesus. The twins say: living at Bethany has been such a blessing to us. We appreciate all the support we get here. We enjoy playing with our brothers and sisters at Bethany. When we grow up we want to help other children. May God bless all our supporters and all our care workers.