CHILDREN’S HOME and SCHOOL Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania. E. Africa We are a small team of Christians working together to help the most vulnerable children and people in a rural area of Tanzania. East Africa. We are involved in providing financial support and volunteers to visit both long and short term to share in the work both here and in Tanzania. As of February 2017 caring for a total of 144 children Contact: Graham Pountain email:,  Tel 01254 879694
April - May  2017 - UPDATE
Photos from the June Trip 2016: All children (13pics), New children (14 pics),  Baptisms (70 pics) Village children with carers (53 pics),  Football (20 pics),  Play (43 pics), Chores (26 pics),  Individuals  (32 pics),  Groups (49 pics), Choir  (46 pics),  Teachers  (31 pics),  Views (16 pics),  odd (12 pics) 25,000+ Photos in 632 Albums from May 2007 to Present 140 Youtube videos from August 2007 to present
Greetings from Bethany,  This is our temporary web page due to the fact the old computer failed and at the moment I am unable to update the old pages. However, the old outdated Bethany main index page is here
The Bethany Project (often referred to as the Bethany Family) is registered in Tanzania as an NGO no. 8059. It is administered by the The Bethany Project (Tanzania) UK (Reg. Charity no 517995),   Reg. Address: 2 Aspen Fold, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire. BB5 4PH.  Tel 01254 879694.  email: Trustees: Graham Pountain, David Borland OBE, Heather Jeffrey, Isabel Jones, Paul Pountain
find us on facebook
find us on facebook
Above: Short 22min video of various clips from around Bethany showing the School and children’s home.
As an Atheist by Mathew Parris Full article click here
Above: Jesca Paulo our new Coordinator
Other songs on Youtube - click on the title Imella,  Prayer song (Swahili),  Out-takes (funny?),  ‘Lord I life your name on high’
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Wedding:  Emmakulatha (our headteacher) is engaged to be married to Zephania, one of the staff at Bethany.  The date is set for Saturday 10th June.
Web pages being updated
Song ‘Whom shall I fear’ inspired by Dave Wesley, also known as ‘God of Angel armies’
Song ‘My Guardian’ inspired by Ben Cantelon
New School Bell
To see all the children who are attending Bethany Primary school Click here to open the album
Above: The Dining Hall
Teachers and students have their voice
Above: Short Video of the Bethany Primary School
A multi purpose building at Bethany would be very useful. The cost would be about £25,000 for a building 9 metres by 16 metres.
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The Great North Swim on 10th June 2017
Peter Rawlinson’s 60th Birthday Celebration a great success
Peter and Kim have reached their target and raised over £1,000 in total. Thanks to everyone who contributed Click here to celebrate & donate
Jesca Paulo is now our new acting Project Coordinator at Bethany in Tanzania supported by a team of ex-Bethany children all of whom have reached maturity and have taken over the mantle of running Bethany and implementing its ongoing development.  The team consists of: Jesca Paulo, Emmakulatha Bujiku, Sophia Joseph, Fatuma Mfalme and Mwita Marco. This appontment is due to our long standing manager Daniel and his wife Eliada resigning  as both employees and trustees of the Bethany Project.  They will now have time to spend on their various other interests.  Fortunately Eliada has agreed to stay on for 3 months to enable a smooth takeover of duties previously undertaken by both Daniel and Eliada.  Jesca is an ex-Bethany girl who studied in England for 7 years and has been the assistant head of the Bethany Primary school for the last 3 years and so is familiar with the running of Bethany.  Eventually Jesca wants to be the head teacher of our new secondary school when it is built (12 months?).  Until then or until another suitable person is found to take her place she will be the team leader assisted by some long standing employees and her fellow trustees.
Above: Fatuma our new Trustee
New Trustee Appointed  At a meeting of the Trustees on the 2nd May, Fatuma Mfalme (Bethany teacher) was appointed bringing the number of trustees to five.  All are ex Bethany children who have grown up at Bethany and know its values, aims and objectives.  At the same meeting Mwita was offered a permanent job at Bethany which he accepted.  Mwita  was trained in the UK with plumbing and electrical skills and will be very useful with the maintenance and the proposed new building work (secondary school).
Above is a picture of Magreth who is now out of hospital and making a full recovery. Thank you for your prayers
Above left: Yacobo  Above Right: Esther Cosmas
Yacobo came first in our std 4 exams and Esther came second in our std 6 exams. We held our exams in conjunction with another English medium school ‘Zariki’
Above left: Maige     Above Right: Edina
Maige’s secondary school has over 1,000 students in 4 year groups and Maige was the only student to gain a division 1 mark and only 4 students have achieved division 1 since the school started over 10 years ago.  We are supporting Maige (via loans) to go onto High School (2 years). Edina went to another government secondary school near Bethany and achieved a division 3 score in her exams and will do a 2 year diploma course to become a primary school teacher. At Edina’s school of over 1,000 no one achieved a division 1 mark and only 3 students achieved a division 2 mark and 19 students got division 3 mark.  Unfortunately Silas our other form 4 leaver achieved a division 4 mark and is looking for work in Mwanza. Both Maige and Edina are at Bethany helping with teaching both at our Primary school and also our secondary school children when they return home from the government secondary school.
Above is a picture of some of our teachers who had just been practising a wedding song/dance  which they intend performing at Emmakulatha’s wedding in June