Mpelwa’s ‘Thanks-you’ speech June 24th 2015 Hi everyone! I just have few words to share with you tonight since it might be the last time I see  most of you.  Well, saying goodbye hasn’t been easy, staying in England for two years has been  such a remarkable place and an eye-opening experience that 1 will never ever forget for the rest of  my life.  It has been a blessing opportunity which has widened our outlooks and see things more  differently.  I would like to give my special thanks to Graham and Sheila for all that you have done for me and  all of us at Bethany.  Thank you so much for your continuous support the love you have shown the  girls and I and being the very good role model.  You have helped me to grow more mature with  Christian values which I believe they will always remain in me.  Thank you for being passionate for  all the years that you have been volunteering to live with us girls during our stay in the UK.  I can  imagine how difficult it might have been for you looking after 8 girls in your house.  Yet, you have  been happy and willingly to continue doing that.  Having said the above, this proves the fact that,  that you’re my role model whom I will always look back and follow you.  I and the girls I’m pretty  sure have nothing to pay you back but I believe that you deserve the blessings from God.  I can’t  thank you enough!  I would like to thank all the UK team and everyone who supports Bethany including different schools  and churches.  Every little you have been donating has made a massive change to many lives of  children at Bethany, Including us girls here.  I pray to God that He continues blessing you.  Another  special thanks to the Blackburn College for offering us with free scholarship whereby I believe that  the knowledge and skills we have acquired from here will be able to share them with other people in  Tanzania and hopefully inspire and encourage them for whatever good we will be sharing with  them.  The tutors have been so amazing and very very supportive throughout the course, we are  proud of you and we will miss you!  When I came to England, I had a very negative view of myself that I couldn’t do maths and science  and that was because of holding the views of some male teachers from Tanzania who did not seem  to encourage girls to do maths and science subjects believing that we girls are incapable.  However,  despite of such views can you imagine how confident I am now with maths and science compared  to the first time, I’m sure the girls would feel the same!  Therefore, the girls and I would like to thank  all the teachers including Marion, Jim, Annemarie and Barbara who have been coming every week  to help us with maths and science and to prove the fact that we can do it like anybody else.  I also  thank Joan for helping us with R.E.  Special thanks to the Ernest Baptist Church for your support and everything you do for all of us at  Bethany.  You have been a welcoming church and you have made us feel part of the church family.   I finally want to thank you all for taking your time and being able to joining with us tonight.   Thank you very much everyone!