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Bethany Child Sponsorship Application Form
On completion please post to:
The Treasurer, The Bethany Project, Mr. D. Borland, Kinoulton,
Whalley Road, Barrow, Clitheroe, Lancs BB7 9BN.
Tel: 01254 822004

    Details of the child and amount for sponsorship ---------------------------

    I would like to sponsor the following child/children for the following amounts ( from 5 to  50 ).

    Full name of child:
    1) _________________________________________ Monthly amount _____

    2) _________________________________________ Monthly amount _____

    3) _________________________________________ Monthly amount _____

    Total amount is: _____ (this is the amount which should appear on the standing order).
    If you wish to sponsor more than 3 children please use the back of this sheet and give their full names and the amount for each.

    So that we can identify your monthly payment (from our bank statement) it would help us if you could provide us with the following:

    Name of Bank: __________________(e.g. Barclays)   Sort code of bank: ______________

    Name on your account: ____________________(e.g. Mr. & Mrs Jones)  Account Number: __________

    Your details ---------------------------------------

    Title (Mr. Mrs. Doctor, Reverend, etc.) _____   First name: _______________________

    Surname (family name): ____________________________________

    Full postal Address: _____________________________________________________________________________


    County: __________________ Post code ________________    Country: ________________________

    Email address: ________________________________Telephone + area code _____________________

    Your agreement ----------------------------------

    I agree to abide by the policies and guidelines that Bethany adopts with regard to the children at Bethany
    (available on the web site):

    Signed: _____________________________________________________ (by the sponsor).

    What else do I need to do --------------------------------

    As well as completing this form and returning it to us you will need to download a ‘Standing Order Form’ (click here) and send it on to your bank.
    If you are a UK taxpayer then please fill in a ‘Gift Aid Declaration Form’ and return it to our treasurer with this form. (click here to download the form)

    What happens next ---------------------------

    On the receipt of this form (and first payment) we will allocate to you a unique number which will only be known to you and the UK oversight team.  This number (not your name) will be used on our website to indicate the number and amount that sponsors are donating to each child. (i.e. other people will need to know (in the case of co-sponsors) how much more money is still required for each child).