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Sponsorship of named children

Questions and Answers (Q &A)

Questions and Answers - Application form - Standing order form - Gift aid

Elizabeth Samuel - 15002

for the full list

Full sponsorship including on-site education now costs a total of approx.
50 per child (January 2011)

Beckam Manuari - 150

for the full list

50 full sponsorship but any amount from 5 per month will help with joint sponsorship

Dear Reader,
We launched the sponsorship program in January 2006 estimating the running costs to be approx. 33 per child per month.  Then in September 2009 (3yrs later) we  increased this estimate to 40 per month.  However now (January 2011) we have opened our school (on-site education for our Primary Shool children) the full cost is approx. 50 per month.  We realise that many fully sponsored children will suddenly have become patly sponsored due to these increases. 
Please do not be concerned if you are unable to increase your giving to the full 50 per month as we are aware that many of our supporters will be finding things difficult due to the ongoing recession and change in circumstances etc.  We are also aware that some people (supporters) are very concerned with education and may consider sponsoring a child for the purpose of education alone and would perhaps like to contribute the sum of 15 per month to help with the education of a child.  Perhaps other will join our sponsorship scheme to fill the gaps.
Please remember that even if every child was fully sponsored then we would still need funds if we needed to develop the project further (e.g.additional living accommodation (dormitories) etc etc.). The sponsorship money only pays for the day to day running costs, education and training - preparing our children to live independent fulfilled lives.

    Four simple steps to sponsorship (and two, possibly three forms to fill in)

    Step 1) First see the table below showing the children who require a sponsor or co-sponsor ( you can click on their names to see their photographs). Once you know the name and have decided how much you would like to donate every month go to step 2. (Please email or phone Graham (01254 879694) if you want to check on the up-to-date position of the sponsorship program)

    Step 2) Click here to go to the page displaying the application form
    (download it, complete it and return to us with your standing order form). Next go to step 3.

    Step 3) Click here to go to the page displaying the ‘Standing order form’ 
    (download the form, complete it and send it on to your bank.)

    Step 4) If you are a UK tax payer click here to go to the page displaying the ‘Gift Aid Declaration Form’
    (download the form, complete it and return to us with your application form).

    Once we receive your application form, standing order form (and gift aid form if applicable) then we will write to you with your unique sponsors identification number. Please check (after a week or so) that your number and the correct amount is shown for sponsoring the correct child. If by chance two or more applicants are received to sponsor the same child and this is not possible (e.g.the applications arrive in the same post etc) we will phone or write to you to ask you if you would mind choosing another child. Alternatively, email Bex or phone Graham (01254 879694) for the up-to-date position.