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Honesty - Integrity - Accountability - Transparency

We are aware that many people are reluctant to donate to charities working in Africa due to the many stories of corruption etc.  We understand this perception as we have come across many examples of the misuse of funds and corruption whilst operating in Tanzania.

So how are we different?

1) Oversight:
Both our co-ordinator and treasurer visit the project at intervals of about 6 to 8 weeks and stay for 2 weeks.  Our Treasurer Mr. David Borland checks every invoice and all out-goings plus the prices of various items. 

2) Honesty and Integrity: We have a zero tolerance with regard to these two most important values. Disciplinary steps are taken leading to dismissal if our staff are shown to be dishonest.

3) Accountability and Transparency. You may see these ‘buzz’ words on many charities’ web-sites.  However they are meaningless if the accounts have not been audited (by a reputable source) and are not readily available to view from the same web site. 
accounts for the UK charity (The Bethany Project (Tanzania) UK) are available going back for the last 6 years.  We also provide a monthly breakdown of spending by Bethany in Tanzania so that supporters can see where the money is used. Supporters can check the history reports of Bethany going back to 2000.

4) Wages: No wages or expenses are paid to UK personnel. The wages for the Tanzanian staff vary from the Tanzanian government minimum wages of about 40 per month for site/care workers to our highest paid manager of 110 per month (January 2012)

Please feel free to email with any questions you have on any particular aspect of our work but especially anything to do with finance

The Bethany Project upholds Christian values, morals and ethics.  Our aim is to be a shining example wherever we are and whatever we do. Our Christian Faith inspires and sustains us.
We ask for your prayers and thank you for your support