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 Often the charities that have the slickest advertising campaigns and who can afford to and choose to employ a good Public Relations firm are those that are supported the most whilst perhaps even more deserving causes are left short of funds because they either won’t or can’t afford to use the latest advertising techniques etc.

We don’t spend any donated money on advertising

We are a small Christian organisation
made up of ordinary people

We have no paid fund raisers

No donated money is spent on admin in the UK

We work closely with other children’s homes and children’s rescue centres in Tanzania

All volunteers/visitors to Bethany are self funding

We are accountable, open and honest and transparent.

We do not ask people to go collecting door to door

We keep supporters informed via regular updates on our web site (funded seperately)

We receive no government funding whatsoever

We do not mail shot our supporters (too expensive)

In 20 years we have received only three significant grants.
    (includes Rotary International and Kidz2care4)

Audited accounts and also a summary of our yearly accounts are published on our web site

We are culturally sensitive in our work

A record of our monthly spending is published on our web site.

Tanzania is the one of the poorest countries in the world

As a Christian organisation we would not
apply for lottery funding

No support from ‘Red Nose Day’ or ‘Comic Relief’ or other well known national charities

Not yet received patronage, support or sponsorship from royalty, the famous or the very wealthy,
(as far as we know!)

 We are focussed and take a long term view

We are always happy to answer questions on any aspect of our work.

Bethany’s aim is to help the most underprivileged,
deprived and vulnerable members of society,
 especially orphaned children,
providing education where possible.
It will carry out this work with love,
commitment and compassion.