CHILDREN’S HOME and SCHOOL Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania, E. Africa We are a small team of Christians working together to help the most vulnerable children and people in a rural area of Tanzania. East Africa. We are involved in providing financial support and volunteers to visit both long and short term to share in the work both here and in Tanzania. As of May 2018 caring for more than 251 children at our Children’s home, our school and via fostering. Contact: Graham Pountain email:  Tel 01254 879694
May - July  2020 - UPDATE
The Bethany Project (often referred to as the Bethany Family) is registered in Tanzania as an NGO no. 8059. It is administered by the The Bethany Project (Tanzania) UK (Reg. Charity no 517995),   Reg. Address: 2 Aspen Fold, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire. BB5 4PH.  Tel 01254 879694.  email: Trustees: Graham Pountain, David Borland OBE, Heather Jeffrey, Isabel Jones, Paul Pountain
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find us on facebook
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The Bethany Project BOOK Ever wanted to know how Bethany started, the people involved and the children it serves then this book is for you. The cost has been met by special donations and the book is available for a donation of £5 plus postage ( all the proceeds to Bethany funds) If you would like one then contact any of the team or email me:
JUNE 2019 Update
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Target to raise £46,000 to buy a new vehicle for Bethany.  So far by 12th June 2020 - £34,386 Updated every week
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Latest news from Bethany Tanzania 5th May 2020:  Coronavirus: It appears that the Tanzanian government has not updated the number of infections since April 29th when the figures were given as 480 infections and 16 deaths.  It is unlikely that there have been no more new infections.  However there have been reports of funerals being held at night and click here to read a BBC article on the subject. Email from Emmakulatha (our head teacher) 5th May 2022 I have attached some pictures of teachers and pupils using our new resources from UK click here to view.  We are so grateful for all the people who donated these resources. We promise to take good care of every resource.  I have also attached some class teacher’s reports.  These are always interesting to read, so I just thought I would share with you. Click here to see the reports. Homeschooling program: This is going well. We teach the primary school children in the morning followed by the secondary school children in the afternoon.  Some of our school staff are taking part in this program. They have been a great help especially with our secondary school children. Do not worry everything is strictly controlled. I don't know if you have heard this but our government here has allocated primary and secondary school children to learn via TV and Radio.  This isn't working well especially for the children who live in the rural areas. Therefore we are still handing out homework packages for our village children. Some parents are very positive and would ring to ask for help etc but others need pushing to come and collect the homework. Thank you for agreeing to proceed with making the movable black boards. These have been very useful, will send the pictures in my next email. We are still taking all the precautions to keep ourselves from this virus. It is such a difficult time but we give thanks to the Lord. We believe He will see us through it all. Thank you for your support and prayers. Click here for class 2. report.  Click here for class 7 report.  Click here for class 3 report
Bethany Choir copied a video of Dave Wesley singing ‘God of Angel Armies’.  This video shows Dave Wesley talking about the Bethany Choirs version
You will by now be well aware of the tragic accident of the 23rd Feb when our Land Rover was damaged beyond repair.  We really need to replace it as it is the only vehicle in our village and is not only used by Bethany but also as an emergency vehicle for the villagers.  Below is a picture of our old Land Rover and beneath that is a picture of a new Toyota Land Cruiser (12 seater) which we hope to buy or similar when we have enough funds.
Email From Jesca May 12th 2020 I hope you are all doing well and coping with this Coronavirus pandemic.  As promised, I thought I would give you a short update of what's happening over here with some pictures as well. To be honest, apart from the day to day activities, nothing much is happening because of the virus so a lot of things are on hold. Coronavirus The situation with the virus is still bad here and we now have many confirmed cases and people are still dying but we keep praying and taking necessary precautions to avoid this virus. We've been advised at the hospital, especially in Bugando to only send a careworker to collect medication for the children especially those with sickle cell and HIV who need to go for clinic etc. Also with the shopping, we are still carrying out with precautions and limiting our travels to Mwanza so we are mainly going to Magu because the virus hasn't reached this far yet. So far so good and we thank God that he is looking after us. Maintenance  In terms of maintenance, the site workers and some of the older boys in particular have been working on the access road to try and make more accessible and safe for vehicles. They have been putting moram and it looks much better than before as you will see on some of the pictures I have attached. Also Mwita and I talked about the situation of clean and safe drinking water. The UV system that Graham brought and was installed in the dining hall still works but the challenge is the bulbs don't last long from what Mwita tells me. So he found a small machine in Mwanza sold at about 100,000 Tsh/= which is connected to the tap and purified water giving out clean and safe drinking water. This small machine doesn't use electricity at all. A lot of people use it in Mwanza so we thought we'll have ago and see how it works. So we have installed one in the dining hall and another in the visitors house. I have included a picture of it as well. The grass trimmer that we've bought is working very well and indeed has proven very helpful so I was thinking to get another one so we have two to be used at school and one at home site. I attach some pics as well. Click here to see the rest of the email. Click here to see the photos