CHILDREN’S HOME and SCHOOL Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania, E. Africa We are a small team of Christians working together to help the most vulnerable children and people in a rural area of Tanzania. East Africa. We are involved in providing financial support and volunteers to visit both long and short term to share in the work both here and in Tanzania. As of Jan. 2021 caring for more than 161 children at our Children’s home, and 258 children in our school. Contact: Graham Pountain email:  Tel 01254 879694
January - March - 2021 - UPDATE
The Bethany Project (often referred to as the Bethany Family) is registered in Tanzania as an NGO no. 8059. It is administered by the The Bethany Project (Tanzania) UK (Reg. Charity no 517995),   Reg. Address: 2 Aspen Fold, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire. BB5 4PH.  Tel 01254 879694.  email: Trustees: Graham Pountain, David Borland OBE, Heather Jeffrey, Isabel Jones, Paul Pountain
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find us on facebook
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JUNE 2019 Update
MONEY BOXES Below  are our new flat pack money boxes Click here for more info 
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Our New Toyota 13 seater Landcruiser is on order - Thanks to all those who contributed
Bethany Choir copied a video of Dave Wesley singing ‘God of Angel Armies’.  This video shows Dave Wesley talking about the Bethany Choirs version
New Boys Dorm Progress - 2020 Below: Pictures  of work in progress
Click here to see other photos taken by Mwita July 2020
Latest News: We have finally been given the discounted price for a new 13 seater Toyota Landcruiser.  The price including the 2% discount is $61822.30 (about £45,500).  We have now put in a firm order for the vehicle and have been told that it will be 2-3 months before delivery.  However that is not the end of the story.  There is still VAT to pay on top of $11128.02 (about £8,200).  We are told that if we apply to Customs and Excise with all the appropriate documents we may be given exemption.  You can imagine that Jesca is now working hard on obtaining all the necessary forms and letters etc. We have seen a video of this particular Landcruiser model on youtube (see video clip below) and the good news is that all 13 rear seat have seat belts! The Proforma invoice is here The Brochure is here.
Click here to see other photos taken by Mwita August 2020
History Timeline Highlights 1989 - 2020 Click here
Children general: All the children are well both physically and mentally and are happy to be at Bethany.  They are using their mosquito nets and taking every precaution against coronavirus.  Of the 149 children on site 25 are at secondary School and the rest are at our Bethany pre and Primary School.  The children are doing as well as their abilities allow.  Those attending our  Bethany Primary School generally do very well but those at the Government Secondary school complain about lack of resources, teachers and session they receive. Some times they only have two sessions per day and have to rely on Bethany for extra help with their school work.  John Waith a UK volunteer has been helping with the teaching of Maths for which we are very grateful. Click here to see photos. Children’s behaviour: Generally speaking the children behave well. One of our secondary school girls has been returned to her relatives.  Also three of our boys in form 2 at secondary school displayed dissapointing behaviour and since having been ‘spoken to’ have improved their behaviour. Baptism: 24 of our older girls have been baptised in Lake Victoria.  The girls made this decision of their own free will and attended a local Church. Click here to see photos. Other matters: We currently have 22 staff and 2 care-worker volunteers who receive a small allowance of 30,000tsh (£10) per month. Also we have two bethany girls who have finished high school.  Ruth Juma helping at our Bethany school and Elizabeth Joseph helping as a care-worker. Our new water project is presently on hold and we are still working on the VAT exemption for our new vehicle. However Toyota are trying to find a better price for us due to us being and NGO.
Bethany Pre and Primary School: Emmakulatha reports that there are 30 students in Std 4 ( 16 Bethany children and 14 Village children)  - 22 girls and 8 boys. 24 achieved grade A, 5 achieved grade B and 1 achieved grade C. It must be remembered that our school is an English Medium School and the children from the village have never spoken English before attending our school. Link to the results are here. In comparison our local government Primary School (Yitwimila) which teaches in the national language (Kiswahili) results are as follows: Students 140, 5 achieved grade A, 27 achieved grade B, 61 achieved grade C, 37 achieved grade D and 10 were ungraded. To view other schools results in our area click here.
Click here to see other photos taken by Mwita December 2020
To view our last update Nov. - Dec. 2020 Click here
Below is a video of the Toyota Landcruiser we have on order
Results for ‘form 2’ Sogeska Government Secondary School These results were outstanding for several reasons: Of the 11 students, 8 achieved Division 1, 2 achieved division 2 and 1 achieved division 4.
Left: Form 2 students
Overall results for Sogeska Sec School (government run) form 2:  166 students (92 girls and 74 boys). 13 achieved division 1 12 achieved division 2 19 achieved division 3 111 achieved division 4 11 ungraded. Full results are available here More Photos of the group here
Only 5 girls achieved division 1 and all these girls were from Bethany: Esther Cosmas, Eunice Leonard, Rose Daudi, Consolatha Wambura and Tabitha Biligea. Of the eight boys who achieved division 1, 3 were from Bethany: Shilinde Edward, Frank Deusi and Alex Mathias. Three of our 11 children did not achieve division 1, 2 got division 2 and 1 got division 4 (Anna Lusesa div 2,  Vincent Michael div 2 and Misoji Charles div 4) A full breakdown of grades and points awarded for each child are here. The students in ‘Form 2’ have all written about their results below: Esther’s report,  Shilinde’s reportFrank’s reportEunice’s report Alex’s reportRose’s reportConsolatha’s reportTabitha’s report,  Anna’s reportVincent’s report,  Misoji’s report Jesca has written a report about the results -  Click here
As at December 2020 our Children’s home is caring for 161 children To view their names, ages , DOB and forms they are in Click here
Our annual accounts have just been completed. Please Click here to download a copy
New Boy’s Dormitory Feb 2021 Below is the latest video of the new Boy’s dorm with pictures of the shower room and toilet room.All we are waiting for are the new bunk beds and the boys are looking forward to moving in.
Bumper Harvest from Bethany Crops January 2021 Where possible the children grow as much food as possible to subsidise the growing food requirements at Bethany. Just a few photos of the children collecting the Maize Harvest - click here
March Report (extracts) from Jesca - Coordinator For the full report click here. ..... I have also been thinking of a more practical approach for the  children.  I want them to reach out more into the community and this  could be as simple as volunteering at a local church to clean etc or  helping some of the families around who are very disadvantaged with  difficult chores etc.  However, something I really thought about and will  attempt this during June holiday is to help provide shelter to families  who are really struggling.  How will this work out? I thought we could  identify a family and our secondary school boys and girls can help  make mud bricks and get someone who will volunteer to construct the  mudhut and maybe some care-workers may donate some iron sheets  to go on the roof...that way children will be doing something practical  into the community using their energy and time. Secondary school results: Form 1Form 2