CHILDREN’S HOME and SCHOOL Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania, E. Africa We are a small team of Christians working together to help the most vulnerable children and people in a rural area of Tanzania. East Africa. We are involved in providing financial support and volunteers to visit both long and short term to share in the work both here and in Tanzania. As of Dec 2022 caring for more than 150 children at our Children’s home, and over 350 children in our school. Contact: Graham Pountain email:  Tel 01254 879694
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The Bethany Project (often referred to as the Bethany Family) is registered in Tanzania as an NGO no. 8059. It is administered by the The Bethany Project (Tanzania) UK (Reg. Charity no 517995),   Reg. Address: 11 Ash Street, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire. BB5 3LN.  Tel 01254 879694.  email: Trustees: Graham Pountain, David Borland OBE, Heather Jeffrey, Isabel Jones, Paul Pountain
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This video is about the people who run Bethany.  They tell their stories about how they came to Bethany, their education and their responsibilities at Bethany.
Short report from Jesca (coordinator) May 2023 We thank you all for your continuous love, financial support and prayers for our family at Bethany. This year, despite all the economical challenges faced by the world, you've remained faithful to us, hence, the project is thriving because of your commitment. We are particularly grateful for the new Donorsee programme which has helped raise so much for both the Bethany home and school for items such as, text books, pens and reams of paper, mattresses, schools shoes and uniforms, food and much more. Due to the economic situation this year Bethany has decided to focus on maintenance and improvement of what we already have until the economic situation improves then we might embark on capital projects. Therefore, the staff and all the older children have been involved in this endeavour. The children have  participated in growing vegetables, fruits and maize at the homesite which has been very positive in supporting the monthly food budget. Click here for more of the report
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Greetings from the Bethany school! Hello everyone, I hope all is well. We thank God that all is going well at the Bethany school.  I am pleased to share with you what has happened at our school this term. I am delighted to inform you that both teachers and pupils are working very hard to keep up with our school targets. All our pupils have shown outstanding progress in their learning this is evident in their examination results. This week, our STD 1 pupils took part in a national assessment for reading, writing and numeracy. The results were excellent; all our pupils passed the assessment with very good grades. Also our STD 4 & 7  children took part in mock examinations, which involved eight schools in our ward, and they all did an amazing job, in both exams top pupils who scored higher grades came from our school. Our school also took part in a choir and essay competition. Our school choir worn and Esther Juma one of our girls from STD 6 won the essay competition, she was the top in our region! Adding on that, we are grateful that some of our donorsee projects have been a success, most of the projects we did, for example, asking for solar lights, science equipments, texts books etc have been funded. Our village children are so excited about the solar lights because they will now be able to study at night.  I am so pleased with this and I cannot thank enough all the people who have donated to our various projects. As the head of our school I am always encouraged to see how everyone is making a positive contribution towards achieving our Bethany school vision. Our teachers have been working extra hard to support all our pupils. We are very grateful to all our supporters for their continuous support to Bethany, none of this would have been possible if it was not for your generous support. It remains an honour to serve as the Bethany school headteacher. Every blessing,  Emmakulatha
A report From Emmakulatha May 2023 (head teacher at the Bethany School)