CHILDREN’S HOME and SCHOOL Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania, E. Africa We are a small team of Christians working together to help the most vulnerable children and people in a rural area of Tanzania. East Africa. We are involved in providing financial support and volunteers to visit both long and short term to share in the work both here and in Tanzania. As of May 2021 caring for more than 161 children at our Children’s home, and over 300 children in our school. Contact: Graham Pountain email:  Tel 01254 879694
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November 2021 Video - Update - Aspects of Bethany
Bethany Pre and Primary School Extracts from the Headteacher’s (Emmakulatha) end of year report ( to see the full report click here) It is finally the end of the year and there is so much we are thankful for, indeed the Lord has been so gracious to us all. The 2021 school year was a great success, beginning on 6th of January and ending on 10th of December. In the course of the year, three of our teaching staff left for various reasons, it was disappointing to see them leave but we did manage to replace them with other new wonderful teachers. We still have our most competent and committed teaching staff yet. A big thank you to all our UK supporters and volunteers for your ongoing generosity and dedication to the Bethany project, you cannot possibly know how grateful we are for your support.  It is evident that our school has achieved so much and will continue to do so for many years to come. Thank you for taking the time and energy to invest in the Bethany vision, your support is integral to our ability to serve our Tanzanian community and improve the quality of education and life in general. Together we are indeed helping to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of all our young people here at the Bethany family and the community around us. I know we still have a long way to go but we continue to believe that no matter what lies ahead God is always faithful!  Here is a link to some end of term photos where the children dressed in differnet tribal costumes: click here Please See the results for each class: Reception class,  Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4, Class 5, Class 6
The Bethany Pre and Primary School Results - January 2021 Email from Jesca (coordinator): I am so happy to inform you that results for our children both at primary school and secondary school are out and I couldn't be more proud as our children have done exceptionally well. Results page for Bethany click here  Results for the schools in our district click here As you can see of the 19 children who sat their std 7 leaving exam 4 got an average Grade A 15 got an average Grade B
Bethany is a private (English medium) Primary School providing education for the children resident at Bethany and for some of the poorest children in our village (free of charge). Our teaching staff share our vision and work for a reduced salary and we thank them and all those who have helped our children succeed. All our std 7 children achieved grade A in their English exam and this will help them immensely when they they move on to secondary school where all the teaching is done in English.
Students attending our local Government Secondary school When the Bethany children leave our Primary School they attend the local government School (Sogeska). Form 2: Jesca writes ‘So our form two as you can see have done really really well and we hope for even better results when they reach form four because they are all capable of doing it. 1. Anna Michael Div 2: 19 points 2. Helena Edward Shilinde Div 1: 17 points 3. Neema Petro Ayubu Div 2: 18 points 4. Kabula Mashauri Biligeya Div 1: 16 points 5. Theleza Mashine Masalu Div 1: 10 points 6. Mgosi Ally Msitaafa Div 1: 16 points Form 4 - secondary school leavers exam  Jesca writes: ‘Our form four children who just finished their final exams have once again done really well, better than any class from Bethany has ever done and Sarah is the top child in the whole District and among the ten best in the region.’ 1. Sarah John Div 1: 7 points (the highest score achieveable) 2. Cerline Stephano Div 2: 19 points 3. Elizabeth Samwel Div 2: 19 points 4. Suzan Mathias Div 2: 19 points 5 Chama Malu Div 2: 18 points 6. Zawadi Hassan Div 3: 25 points Here is a link to the results for all the secondary schools in Tanzania click here Jesca writes: ‘So Emma and I and the rest of the team are very pleased and encouraged by these results and we thank God that he is taking these children to different levels each time. We just hope that you too are encouraged and the children themselves use these results to glorify God for the service of his kingdom.’ Comment: If you take the time to have a look at the results from other secondary schools (click here) you may be surprised to learn how few of the children achieve division 1 or division 2. We believe that the failure in the secondary schools is due to the fact that many children leave Primary school with very poor English and therefore unable to understand the lessons now taught in English. Fortunately, the children leaving the Bethany school have a very good grounding in the English Language which enables them to succeed at our local goverment secondary school.
Latest News - March 2022 Extracts from a report by David Borland (Treasurer) from his visit 10th - 24th February 2022 After 2 years 6 months I was able to return to Bethany to see the (building) changes and (children/pupil) progress. My overall impression was very positive although it was obvious that our building maintenance programme was not on track. It is a fact that new building projects can easily distract from the day-to-day upkeep and so the maintenance schedule drawn up by Karen Ross (just prior to my visit) was triggered and time related so that we can measure the impact during this year and the next. The overall school performance measured against targets, national and district exams results is quite astonishing given the intake of the pupils of which at least 50% come from the village and so English is not their first language and because of extreme poverty receive free education from Bethany, a breakfast and lunch before returning after the school day. Through God’s provision this is such a success story and as I gaze on the children as they make their way to school, I feel privileged to play a small part in all of this. To read the full report click here
Report from Graham Pountain on his latest trip in April 2022 Photos taken click here My last trip was in November 2021 and it was good to see progress being made on the provision of the three new toilet blocks added to each of the three wings of the little girls dorm. The new septic tank has been provided and now it is just a matter of connecting up all the drainage pipes and then all three toilet blocks should be complete. Jesca rells me the Children’s home licence is now ready for collection. The children all seem very happy and working hard - the secondary school leavers are waiting for their results and to see which training courses we might provide. We have three autobiographies which you might find interesting. One from Sarah hoping one day to be a doctor and two prodicals who have recently returned to Bethany realising too late the opportunities they had abused.
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Sarah John aged 4 yrs
There’s always One’  as the saying goes and here she is Sarah John who wants to be a doctor. Sarah has been at Bethany since the age of 2 and she is now 18yrs old and has done amazingly well in her form 4 leaving exams (GCSE’s) gaining 8 A’s, 1 B and 1 C. She is gifted with high intelligence gaining a score of 23 out of 25. (try the test yourself download here).  I have asked her to write her autobiography.  Here is an extract:
Jennifer being helped by Tabu Titus (teacher) Cheeky face Small boy's dorm
My experience at the Bethany family has enabled me to expand more in my faith in Christ, not only from what I learn about Christ but also from actually seeing the work of Christ being done here at Bethany. This reminds me of my one among of my responsibilities as a Christian that to be mindful of the needs of other and not living a life of my own interests (philippians2:4) and to be grateful always. 
Sarah John age 18yrs
Full autobiography click here.
The return of the two Prodicals
Mabula age 12 yrs Visian age 6yrs
Age 4yrs
Age 18yrs
Mabula joined Bethany when he was 12 and returned when he was 27yrs. Here are some extracts from his autobiography
Vivian joined Bethany when she was 6yrs old and returned when she was 18. Here is an extract from her autobiography:
...Football started to separate me from my education because I had befriended it.  Day after day I started hating school and playing football was all I wanted to do, I thought I would become a good footballer in the world.  I started to quit some of the school days and I even didn’t want to listen to any kind of advice from anyone about school.....  
....Being an orphan and having no one to help me there in the streets, I decided to return to the Bethany family (in January 2022) because I knew that this is the only family I have, though I have nothing to pay back to Bethany for all they had given to me and I was just very ashamed of how I had wasted the opportunity of being at Bethany at the beginning...
Full autobiography click here.
 ....When I got to secondary school my behaviour started to change, I was very naughty and rude to the care workers, I didn’t listen or even follow the Bethany family’s rules and from this point I saw the Bethany family as a prison because I wanted freedom I wanted to go and see how life is outside Bethany thinking that it’s simple and enjoyable...” “...For all the bad things I did in the past now I realise how foolish I was to follow my very stupid decision of living a life of my own rather than using the opportunity I had for better and again I am really very sorry to all the people whom I ever caused trouble to them...”  
Full autobiography click here.